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At Randwick Physie, we value team preparation and competition for many reasons. The ability to work as a team is a wonderful lesson for our dancers to take into their everyday life. Making a commitment, sticking to it and being cooperative, supportive and supported by a team is an incredible feeling. As a team member we take direction, are collaborative, work hard when we need to and of course HAVE FUN with our teammates!

Randwick Physie and Dance 2020 Team Display Day



To be in a team, it's important you make the commitment to attend all classes, listen to your teachers direction for the teams, and put in the effort and work needed for your team to perform the best you can on competition day. Teams are all about cooperating, respecting each other and working as one.

• if you’re not coming to class, text your teacher / team mates and let them know

• if youre injured, please still attend class and watch and take in corrections/formations etc.

• if you’re asked to change something, please, don’t take it personally. Sometimes your amazing style can only be yours and doesn’t look the same on everyone, we’ll try loads of things, but please remember it’s mostly about what looks great on everyone and what works for most people.


Your Teachers will receive the team draw (the order in which clubs compete) the week prior to the competition. An arrival schedule will then be sent out. Competition venues can be busy, with lots of people coming and going at different times, so make sure you leave enough time to find parking, find your way into the venue and where our dressing rooms are.


Please be on time! Remember, it's not just you competing today, so our Teachers and Teammates are all depending on everyone to make sure the day runs smoothly. 

There is usually a spectator entry fee so it helps to have cash on the day as a lot of venues may not have EFTPOS or card facilities available. 


Members must have matching costumes for Team competitions which are available in styles and colours approved by APDA (fishnet tights may be required for 11yrs+).  Team costumes can be hired from the club for a small fee.  You can also buy an approved APDA costume from the preferred provider. Your teacher will advise of the selected style and colour for your team.


Keep your costume clean by ensuring you have something to cover up with while you're getting ready. We recommend finishing your makeup and having something to eat before putting your costume on.

If you receive your hired costume prior to Teams day, PLEASE TRIPLE CHECK you have it with you when you leave home as we do not have spares.

Screen Shot 2022-01-30 at 7.38.34 pm.png


Your Teacher will advise you of the required hairstyle and make-up for Teams day. There are always hair and makeup helpers around to assist. The Club will provide all hair accessories such as bows, motifs etc. You may need your own donut bun and bun net, this will be communicated closer to the day. All bobby pins, hairspray etc. is provided by the club.  

Makeup is kept basic with browns and beiges used , with mascara and the famous "randwick Red" lipstick. All makeup details will be included in your teams note, sent out in the weeks before teams. 


Only competitors are permitted in marshalling areas. You need to have your costume

on, hair and makeup completely finished and be ready to compete when your team is called to side stage.

Marshalling is where your teammates and Teacher will take a moment, prepare to take the stage and remind yourself of all the hard work you have put in, together.



HAVE FUN! Enjoy being on stage with your teammates, performing together. 


Good sportsmanship is important to us here at Randwick and regardless of the results our Teachers and Clubmates are always very proud of everyone who performs!

When you see teams from other clubs, give them a friendly smile, wish them luck or congratulate them if results have been announced. Remember, without competitors, we would have no competitions!  


Spectators must not move around venues while competitions are on the floor or stage. This can be distracting for performers, judges and other spectators who are supporting their fellow Clubmates. Some venues will have different rules around food and drink inside venues so please adhere to any instructions given on the day. 


The number of places awarded will be determined by how many teams are entered into each section. Remember to congratulate your fellow competitors, from your club and from other clubs after your presentation. 

Display good sportsmanship, be gracious in accepting awards and remember, winning is always wonderful, but there are many other achievemnts to be celebrated as well! 



YOU DID IT! Congratulations on getting through your team competition! It is an incredible achievement to have learned your syllabus and been brave enough to go out and perform in front of an audience, so give yourself a big pat on the back and celebrate!

It's also important to recognise that it's ok to be disappointed, take a moment to reflect on why you feel this way and make a mental note to work on the things that may not have panned out how you expected on stage. Rememeber why you choose to do physie and dance, andtell yourself 3 positive points about your year in your team, and at your Club. 

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