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All APDA competitions require competitors to arrive at least one hour prior to their scheduled time, to be registered and proceed to the marshalling area when called. Competition venues can be busy, with lots of people coming and going at different times, so make sure you leave enough time to find parking, find your way into the venue, register and if you need to finish your hair and makeup, leave extra time. 

There is usually a spectator entry fee and a canteen at interclubs so it helps to have cash on the day as a lot of venues may not have EFTPOS or card facilities available. 


When you arrive at the interclub you will need to register (confirming your attendance) and collect your competitor number.


Interclubs are the best time to test out hair and makeup - how long it takes, what style suits you, is it comfortable while you are competing, will it STAY IN?! Remember, once you're out there performing, the last thing you want is to be worried about your hair distracting you so make hairspray your friend and pick a style that keeps hair away from your face.


If you're unsure, there are always people around who can help with hair and makeup but it is best to ask for help before the day to be sure you have enough time and whoever is helping you can fit you in.



Competitors must wear an APDA approved leotard when competing in Interclubs. Please chat with your class Teacher if you do not have a leotard so we can help you find one to buy or borrow. Keep your leotard clean by ensuring you have something to cover up with while you're getting ready. We recommend finishing your makeup and having something to eat before putting your leotard on.


Only competitors are permitted in marshalling areas. You need to have your leotard

on, with your number secured, hair and makeup completely finished and be ready

to compete when you are called into marshalling. This is where you will prepare,

stretch, warm up and be taken to the competition stage or floor to march on.

You should take a water bottle and a sweat towel with you into marshalling.

Remember to collect anything you take when you come off the floor. If you require

any special assistance (e.g. an inhaler) you should make the person marshalling your

heat aware.



HAVE FUN! For many, this is the first time EVER in a Physie & Dance competition. It is important to remember that performing should be fun and Interclubs are for everyone to get a feel for what it is like performing their new routines for the year. Wish your fellow competitors luck, give your self a pep talk, and remind yourself that you have worked hard so far this year and you still have plenty of time to improve before the 'real' competitions are here. Good sportsmanship is important to us here at Randwick and regardless of the results our Teachers and Clubmates are always very proud of everyone who performs!



Spectators must not move around venues while competitions are on the floor or stage. This can be distracting for performers, judges and other spectators who are supporting their fellow Clubmates. Some venues will have different rules around food and drink inside venues so please adhere to any instructions given on the day. 


Each host Club may run their award presentations differently.

Usually, Clubs run 4 - 6 sections, then present places for them, repeating this

process until every section is complete. Remember to congratulate your fellow competitors, from your club and from other clubs after your presentation. 

Display good sportsmanship, be gracious in accepting awards and remember, 

you have plenty more chances to perform and compete throughout the year. 



YOU DID IT! Congratulations on getting through your first competition of the year and for some, first competition ever! It is an incredible achievement to have learned your syllabus and been brave enough to go out and perform in front of an audience, so give yourself a big pat on the back and celebrate!

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