Claire Blomfield

Juniors (5 - 12 Years)

Seniors (13 Years - Open Elite)

Claire has been doing Physie since she was 4 years old and teaching at Randwick since 2014.

A three-time national place-getter and a member of many National Champion teams, Claire competes in the Open Elite section.


Claire's favourite part about teaching is seeing our Members grow, strengthen and develop on the physie floor, as well as off it and knowing we introduce our girls and young women to such an incredible support network for life.

Claire is also a Member of the APDA creative team, having choreographed the Ladies Warm-Up and Swing routines for 2020.


Leigh McLeery (Habler)


Leigh has been involved in Physie her whole life.


Having successfully competed for the Randwick Club in both Team & Individual for over 35 years, winning national titles in both, Leigh is now thriving in her role as the teacher of the Randwick Ladies Class.

Leigh has a teaching degree in Human Movement and a Masters degree in Education, teaching is what she does best and combining that with her love of Physie makes it a dynamic, fun and energetic class. Leigh's experience builds all class members confidence and competence.