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Hair and Accessories for Junior Competitors in Individual Competitions & APDA Performances


a) Hair must be neat and tidy.

b) False hair pieces, wigs, tiaras and props such as hats are not permitted.

c) Teasing of hair for height and width is not permitted. There should be minimal height and width with hair, the hair must not dominate the head.

d) Hair may be decorated only with simple bows or ribbons made of plain satin or grosgrain ribbon or plain lycra (no prints or hologram). Ribbons may not have any embellishments such as glitter, diamantes or metallic thread on or within them. Any bows or ribbons must be minimal in size so that they do not dominate the head and must be secured within the hair soundly.

e) Flowers (including ribbon fashioned into a flower), feathers, bows with glitter and diamantes, diamante style clips and individual diamante stuck to the head are not permitted in individual competitions.

f) No jewellery is permitted for junior girls. This includes no earrings. Ensure your members are very clear on this before getting ears pierced before competitions.

g) Nail polish of any kind (clear or coloured), nail wraps and false nails are not permitted.

h) All junior members are permitted to wear foot thongs. Foot thongs are defined as dance shoes that fit over the toes and cover the ball of the foot only and must be skin toned.

i) The Zone or Competition Manager (or their appointed delegate) has the right to refuse entry of a competitor who is in breach of the presentation rules for junior members until rectified by the family or member’s teacher.

APDA 2018 Association Rules | Version 1.0 | Effective Date: Feb 2018

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