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Scrap Mechanic Beta V0.2.1 No Survey No Password No Download [April-2022]




200 Points If you like this game you may want to consider donating to the developer because without it we would not be able to make games. Scrap Mechanic is a physics based game you play as a “Scrapper” trying to get as many points as you can while attempting to demolish your opponents vehicles. If you don’t demolish a vehicles you will be penalized and will lose points. The more vehicles you destroy the higher your overall points will be. In order to earn points, first you must reach the Scrapyard. Once in the Scrapyard there are a couple of vehicles to purchase to get started. There are now cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and boats. These vehicles have their own unique purposes in the game. They are not required to progress however, you will have to pick and choose which ones you want to buy. You may be able to buy all of them, some, or none. If you do not like the vehicle you have on hand there is also the option to sell it for points. You can keep your points to buy more vehicle but that is optional. However, if you don’t want to sell any of your current vehicle you will start off with a default vehicle. These vehicles will be the ones you are given upon beginning the game. However, you have the option to change them during the game. Once the vehicle is purchased you will have to demolish it. All of these vehicles will require a certain amount of destruction points in order to remove the structure. You can do so by using the grappling hook to break off the pieces of the vehicle that are attached to the structure. To break off pieces there are also pulleys that can be used to “quickly” break off these pieces. The pulleys are placed on the side of the structure at about head level. If you want to try to break off a piece of the vehicle while you are in the air you can hold the pulley and jump to the structure. This will cause you to be “stuck” to the structure while you try to grab the pieces. Once the vehicle is destroyed you will gain points for it. There are two types of points that you gain for destroying a vehicle. 1) In-Game Points. 2) Sponsor Points. In-Game points can be gained by any vehicle that is destroyed in the game. Sponsor points only come from Sponsors. If you are not sponsored you will not get any sponsor points. The game starts




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Scrap Mechanic Beta V0.2.1 No Survey No Password No Download [April-2022]
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